The organization comprises of Chairman of Board, Board of Governors,Board of Advisory, Special Invites and Technical Group(Technical CORE).

Board of Governors, Board of Advisors will consists of eminent people, experts and people of integrity will form the highest advisory group.

Every activity of CSPF will be done after due deliberation and consultation with the board of governors and advisers and under their guidance.Every activity will conform to the principles of Safety,Security, Confidentiality, Accountability and Morality.

Technical CORE:

The technical team will consist of individual with expertise in various technical domains including Ethical Hacking, Tool development, Security Coding, System Programming and Network Security.

The technical core members begin with LEVEL I and based on their participation and skill level will be moved upwards in stages to LEVEL V. The appraisal will be done once a year by the Board of Governors.

Any technical member found not participating in the activities like participations in website articles, FB, vulnerabilities/code contribution, seminars, R&D, Tool development as applicable, etc. will be terminated immediately.

Researchers will be paid honorarium for their various activities. Good contributors will be promoted into hall of fame. Every level from level I – level V will receive a certificate signed by board of governors.


  • We organize Conferences & Seminars to increase awareness.
  • Publish regular articles about security and privacy.
  • Dedicated R&D to provide Cyber Security & Privacy.
  • Reporting vulnerabilities of websites/software in order to increase security.
  • Assess and recommend free tool for the end user.
  • Special software development.