One day Workshop On Networking & Cyber Security - Beyond Class Room Learning on
OCT-16th 2012, in NEHRU GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS, Coimbatore



Mr. Gemini Ramamurthy, Chairman(Bd)
Dr. Krishnakumar, Secy & CEO, Nehru Group of Institutions
Dr K. Krishnan Kutty, Former CMD, CMC Ltd
Mr. A P Chandrasekar, CEO, Software Technology Park, Coimbatore


Introduction to technical session by Mr. J.Prasanna

Session 1 

Network Securities by Mr. Munish Kumar G

Session 2

 Network Privacy by Mr. Suriya Prakash

Session 3 

Java Programming & Aspects by Mr. Aakash Kumar Goel

Session 4

Website Vulnerability & Secure Coding by Mr.Prasanth

Session 5 

System Programming by Mr. Yash



  • Regular articles about security and privacy
  • Dedicated R&D to provide Cyber Security & Privacy
  • Reporting vulnerabilities of websites/software in order to increase security
  • We provide Conferences & Seminars to increase the awareness
  • Special software development