1. Each member should respect each other, for skills which they bring into foundation.
2. Each member should contribute to foundation in some form.
3. Publishing article either electronically or print media, explicit permission should be taken from foundation.
4. Members should never use foundation for any commercial activities. For ex – Promoting products or services.
5. Funds are accepted only as donations. This is not an commercial organisation.
6. Foundation never sells any products or services; it distributes useful tools for end users free
7. Speakers in any of foundation events, either they are from policy background or compliance or technology. It never accepts any sales/marketing person to speak on foundation events
8. Speakers in foundation event should speak based on selected topic and make audience understand the topic. Promoting company either directly or indirectly is strictly prohibited Members cannot promote his/her company products or services, it’s strictly prohibited.
9. Technical core members cannot involve in any illegal activity, If found involved in any activity will be black listed and reported to law enforcement agencies.


  • We organize Conferences & Seminars to increase awareness.
  • Publish regular articles about security and privacy.
  • Dedicated R&D to provide Cyber Security & Privacy.
  • Reporting vulnerabilities of websites/software in order to increase security.
  • Assess and recommend free tool for the end user.
  • Special software development.