Cyber Security & Privacy Foundation(CSPF) has been established as a not for profit foundation, registered as a charitable trust, with the main objective of providing progressive solutions to tackle cyber security and privacy issues.

With black hat hackers and cyber criminals increasingly on the prowl on the net, CSPF offers help to the netizens to understand their right to privacy and secure it. Our endeavors are directed to creating a safe cyber society.

CSPF intends to sensitize the common public about cyber threats to their person and personal information since it is the innocent who lose their privacy as they are not aware about what the real cyber threats are.

Our major activities include organizing Security & Privacy seminars and conferences, to impart the latest information for end users, provide In-house training to motivate more security researchers and programmers and reporting vulnerabilities, which could affect security and privacy of Indian users and Indian websites. We intend to report vulnerabilities in Govt. websites and work with Govt. of India and various state governments to make their online presence more secure. We will be recommending various free tools which can be used by end users for security and privacy and research in areas of cyber security & privacy

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